We Service Fire Alarms, Security Systems and Building Alarms

Taking care of your fire alarm system will help your system be prepared to alert you if a fire breaks out in your facility. Fire alarms that do not work will cause your building to not have the protection it needs from a fire. GLI provides alarm system service and repair to keep your system working properly.

GLI does not only service fire alarms. We also work with all life safety alarms. If you have a security or life safety alarm system that needs to be fixed, we have you covered.

If your system breaks down or needs servicing, GLI can help repair the issue. We can replace batteries and repair detectors, pull stations, and bells. Our certified technicians are experienced and qualified to fix the problems your alarm system.

Fire Protection Service & Maintenance

Fire Protection Services Designed to Keep Your Entire System at the Ready

Inspections, Monitoring, Corrosion Management, Service & Repair

GLI is a professional team of fire protection engineers that can help ease your mind regarding the fire protection systems in your building. We are a part of your building operations team and work to ensure your systems are ready to operate at moment’s notice. From design to installation, to inspection, and monitoring we are your 24/7, 365 day team player. Emergencies happen, but our fire protection services can help you be prepared. Protecting lives and property is our job.

Have Peace Of Mind That Your Systems Will Perform When Needed

Taking care of your fire suppression system through inspections and service is every bit as essential as the original installation of your fire suppression system. Inspection, testing and repair are all critical to ensure that when protection is needed, your system will perform as designed.



24 Hour Emergency
Response Team

GLI can service and repair any fire alarm, sprinkler and suppression system. We service industrial, commercial and residential fire protection systems. Our fire sprinkler repair and fire protection services will keep you up and running and make sure your systems are ready to go in case of an emergency. We can service and repair all installed systems whether installed by any third party or a competitor.

Our team can service and maintain all types of fire protection systems including :

Fire alarm and monitoring systems

Special hazards

Residential fire protection

Industrial fire protection

Fire alarm systems

Commercial fire

Fire sprinkler systems

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