Data Center Customized Smart Racks

Green Light International” also specializes in developing customized IT infrastructure like Server racks, and electronic enclosures where “ Green Light International” recognized a challenge. Many businesses do not have the space or budget to create a dedicated, cooled server room and cannot handle the noise and clutter that results from leaving IT Equipment out in the open. Housing it in a segregated area that does not have independent climate control can lead to serious network reliability issues, including catastrophic failure in extreme cases. As a result, “Green Light International” works toward developing the new product which provides a different solution to the IT and data canter market through a fully enclosed, air-conditioned rack designed specifically to the space requirements and unique cooling needs of IT, data canter, and networking customers.

We develop Solutions to allow companies with limited space and budget to achieve a fully cooled network rack without needing to revise their building HVAC system to handle the excessive heat generated in a server room. “The need for numerous cables exiting a single enclosure led us to add larger cable entry/exit ways at both the top of the enclosure and below the rear door. These include adjustable, gasket ‘pinch bars’ that allow for ease in running wires and help to provide a good seal around the cables.”

Many options and IT equipment on the market today are designed specifically for use with square-holed rack rails. These pieces will integrate seamlessly into the square holes that come standard in every IT Rack Enclosure. Every IT Rack Enclosure is built from the ground up, customers have complete flexibility in the design of their specific enclosure. Our experts can create a package specifically to fit the space and cooling constraints of a client’s particular needs.

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