Fire detection & fire protection Systems

We are Experts in Installation of Fire Detection and Fire Protection Systems

Installation is done as per the international standard (NFPA, OMAN fire code) under the supervision of highly experienced and qualified engineers.

Importance Of Installation :

Installing a fire detection and fire protection is one of the most prudent measures you can take to manage your fire risk. If you don’t have a fire detection and fire protection system in your commercial and industrial building, consider making this addition as soon.

Fire Alarm systems (Addressable and Conventional)

Valves and Sprinklers System

Deluge systems

Wet chemical Fire Suppression System

Emergency lights and Emergency
exit lighting

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System (FM 200, Novec)

Fire Hose reels and Fire hydrants

Wet and dry Riser systems

Low, Medium and High Expansion Foam system

Voice Evacuation

Aspirating Smoke Detection System

Water spray sprinkler Systems

Portable fire Extinguishers

Electric motor and Diesel Engine Operated Fire Pumps

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